The Privacyrush

How private are you?

The things taken for granted are the ones that are the most regretted. So far, we are experiencing the social world of the Internet without any questions arising in our heads. The Internet we have been using is being fed to us for free. Did you notice it?? We aren’t paying to use the World Wide Web! We are just paying the service provider who provides us access to the WWW.

How is the Internet free? From the old business quotes, there is something that always interests me. I read it almost every time and recall it then and there when my friends would argue about my impractical thoughts to use the technology as it comes to us. To be honest, I love it even when I write it here.

When anything is free, you are the commodity!!

Some sales genius

What are we Proud about?

As a symbol to show our status and as a sign of our own pride about being a Netizen. Being a Netizen isn’t just sharing the news to our contacts and posting our thoughts and perspective on the Social Medias. Gone are the good old days. Old days when people can breathe happily, eat fresh food from farms without the need to install a mobile app that orders food for us, share their happiness with their loved ones by means of family meal without tagging every friend and family in their chosen photos to show they are happy and finding a friend by sensing our mates’ cycles and other playing items without the need to call our friend over phone to know the whereabouts.

Now in this technology era, are we moving away far from our human-based values and habits? Is abandoning our core values worth the good things’ technology promises to bring with it? From speaking face to face times when humans

Humans are social animals who live in groups, have fun together, eat with family and share their thoughts and perspective by means of words and handwritten messages. Internet has gobbled us all for years now. The rise of the Internet world has become so normal to us that no day passes by without us posting pictures and sharing our life over the social media and other channels. We are too busy to bury our heads into our smartphones and laptops, that we barely notice or mind asking “are we safe?”.

Privacy is your own right!
Not until you own it, sweetheart!