Importance of Internet Privacy!

Privacy is a state of any human being who has his private life well sealed in his own hands.


Yes, in his own hands necessarily mean that his private information stays under the hood unless he opens it up to the world. One other perspective could be that the smart device he holds with his bare hands while walking our open world. Man in this period of technological advancement, holds in his hand the whole world amazingly miniaturized by the influence of Technology.

In other words, privacy is nothing but one’s own freedom to do whatever he wants without being bothered or spied upon by a third person who doesn’t have the right to. Did we lose our freedom to privacy during all these technological development we have achieved so far? Phew, it is a long way to analyze where we lost it. Let us just hope that we find a way to rescue that we have lost.

What a wall does?

Did we forget the reason for all those walls built so far? The walls keep our personal lives and secrets safe and secure among the persons we believe and have faiths on. It keeps the words spoken by us as an individual to anyone in the room during that instance within just the 4 walls that surrounds us. The walls help us to stay protected from chaos and at times of a crisis.

Are we converting the strong and opaque walls built so far into something that is fragile and transparent? If that’s the case, then we are in trouble. It doesn’t protect us from the hands of the enemies or anyone who may appear to be a villain in our lives. A breakable wall or any construction it may be, is of zero value as it doesn’t serve its purpose. All of a sudden we become as vulnerable as a turtle without its shell.

The Wall Privacy Analogy

We can’t survive a winter protected by walls that leak or break during a storm. As important as these walls for us to survive a better life are our Privacy. Privacy keeps us from unwanted eyes on us and our loved ones. It helps us keep our words to ourselves rather than floating in some social media or unwanted mouths. It is very much analogous to walls. The walls are important for our real life survival while our privacy gives us a path for a safe social and internet life.

Privacy makes us feel like home. Privacy hands us freedom to do what we like to do on the internet. By freedom, one must not take a wrong understanding. This freedom doesn’t intend to breed harm or evil. It is the freedom to explore new heights, to discuss more ideas, to do what is right. These can happen only when there is zero manipulation from the external forces.

Can walls hear?

Walls have ears!

An old proverb

The proverb literally means “There is always a risk of being overheard. So be careful about what you are saying any particular time” Even the oldest privacy curtain was not completely trusted by our ancestral wise men. What should be taken from this note?

It can be either walls or your privacy, both should be very carefully taken into consideration. These are the things, which should never be taken for granted.

Make it leak proof!!!

Let us take a normal everyday situation. I am walking past a lot of people in a tram, while I am peeping into my mobile. Anyone who stands or sits next to me will have direct view of whatever I have in my phone. This is just fine in terms of a normal usage. I have noticed a lot of people hiding their smart devices when they input their passwords for their social media profiles. Right now, I am just laughing at them.

They think their walls are down when they sense people next to them. They hide the passwords; save the passwords to their devices, so they will never be embarrassed in public places to enter their passwords in front of strangers. But what if they aren’t aware of the possible holes which are already on the walls of their smartphone that bring in even worse strangers into their devices.

Is privacy still important?

There’s always a circumstance, where our walls are lowered and crushed without our notice. Truth be told, we can’t control these with our eyes closed. One should be aware and continuously search for the possible loop holes in their activities.

To be leak-proof, one needs more reading about Privacy and a habit to ensure his Walls are strong enough!

Start your Privacy habits now!