What is a VPN? Why do we need them?

VPNs and the Internet!

Most of us never thought about the importance of using a VPN in our day to day life. We just connect to the Internet without any measures to safeguard our Internet privacy like the use of VPNs and other services. But, why do the privacy activists and other privacy protecting browsers like Firefox stress on the privacy protection? Do we really need it? First of all, What does a VPN do?

VPN that stands for Virtual private network helps the users to surf the internet in an encrypted way. This means that the use of Virtual Private Network enables a person to browse the Internet without being eavesdropped by his Internet Service Provider(ISP) or any nosy neighbor connected to the same network. VPN is also advised so to prevent any user with an bad intent to track the websites you visit when you connect to a public WiFi network.